Hi! I’m Kris, self-proclaimed home chef and fashion model. Welcome to Spooning & Forking.


Spooning & Forking is my metaphorical melting pot - a mixing bowl of recipes I’ve created, with a pinch of those I've adapted from the world's most talented chefs, cooks and foodie enthusiasts.  Most are pretty healthy; some are definitely not. Either way, I aim for all to be delicious...But you can be the judge of that.


People always ask me if I have a style, or favourite type of cooking. The short answer is simple, I just feel inspired to try something new, every day.  That said, there are a few staples I always have in my kitchen, including soy sauce, dijon mustard, sausage, parmesan cheese, lemons and cauliflower… I don't think I could live without these ingredients!


Other than that, all there is left to say is that I hope you enjoy my food and cooking as much as I do.


Oh, and don’t forget to follow me @kristenVanderHoeven on Instagram for food snaps and other tidbits from my life.






Spooning & Forking


Caroline Rubinoff is our resident holistic nutritionist, she's a self proclaimed health food junkie. Based in Toronto with her husband and two boys she spends her days researching the newest in natural beauty products, trendy super foods, and how to boost the immune system of a 2 year old! With a previous career in fashion marketing, she has swapped the department stores for grocery stores with her all encompassing approach to wellness.


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